1. MonnaLisa Baby Girls Tunics Light Pink

    Brand: MonnaLisa

    MonnaLisa Baby Girls Tunics Light Pink

  2. MonnaLisa Baby Girls Tunics Off White

    Brand: MonnaLisa

    MonnaLisa Baby Girls Tunics Off White


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What distinguishes a baby tunic of, shall we say, a blouse? In the first place probably the absence of buttons. Baby tunics are also a bit longer than other blouses and tops. The model is approximately straight or slightly flared.


Baby tunics


The idea of ​​a tunic is that the garment is slightly longer in length. They come in different types, with short or long sleeves, but are always longer than an average t-shirt. It is generally a fairly neat clothing item and looks beautiful and especially very sweet on small babies. Exactly what you are looking for for your baby.

What should a tunic for your baby meet? What always comes first in baby clothes is comfort. That is also very important to us at Superstellar. The comfort of the baby is of course paramount, and that also makes you happy as a parent. Clothes that are easy to put on and take off means less time and effort, and a happy baby. We also believe that baby clothes should be very beautiful. Fortunately, those two things often go together, as can be seen in the baby tunics. The fabrics often stretch a bit and there is a handy closure at the back.

What makes the tunics so beautiful and cute are usually the colors. For example, look at the pastel shades of the Monnalisa tunics. Nice picture on it. But also an original model, such as a pleated peplum, completes this piece of clothing! A combination of all these features and fine soft fabrics for the delicate baby skin.


Combine different items with each other!


A tunic is also very nice on one skirt. That is actually the perfect combination and perhaps more convenient than one dress. You can also easily combine them with leggings or leotards! Still looking for something longer? Then dresses are also great, like all baby clothes on our site. Take a quick look at the nice and sweet range of the most beautiful baby tunics Superstellar.eu.

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