1. Chloe Kids Girls Sneakers Light Beige
    Chloe Kids Girls Sneakers Light Beige

    Brand: Chloe

    Chloe Kids Girls Sneakers Light Beige


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Chloe' Shoes

'Kids shoes Chloe' for stylish kids', that could be the bold headline above an advertisement from the French brand Chloe' because with the chic Chloe' boots for children and the trendy children's sneakers from this exclusive fashion label you get something special for your little fashionistas .

Fashion-conscious kids know very well what they want to wear and what they don't want to wear and the designers at Chloe''s children's department have completely understood that! The quality of the materials used and the luxurious look of Chloe' kids shoes are in no way inferior to the fashion line that the brand's shoe designers market for adults.

In addition to the beautiful design, the shoes are also very comfortable. Chloe' knows better than anyone that children shouldn't be limited by a pair of shoes. Children should be able to play and run carefree.




The Chloe' brand was founded in 1952 by the French-Egyptian fashion designer Gabrielle Aghion. She thought it was important to make haute couture no longer only available to the elite, but also to a wider audience. She managed to achieve this by selling exclusive, small ready-to-wear lines of her brand in some leading Parisian fashion stores.

Aghion is regarded in the fashion world as the inventor of this prêt-à-porter or 'ready to wear fashion' that most exclusive fashion brands now have in their collection. Over the years, Chloe' managed to score publicity with various 'A-list celebrities' who appeared in the media with clothing and shoes from the brand, such as Madonna, Cameron Diaz and Emma Stone.


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Have you become curious about the beautiful Chloe's shoes? Then take a quick look at our webshop! Would you rather come and have a look and fit in a physical store with your children? That is of course also possible. Come and visit us in Rotterdam. We are happy to help you measure the children's feet.

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