1. Michael Kors Baby Girls Jogsuit Light Pink

    Brand: Michael Kors

    Michael Kors Baby Girls Jogsuit Light Pink


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Michael Kors Baby

Are you looking for a brand with a casual, elegant and sporty look? Then you're there Michael Kors completely at the right place.

Baby clothes from Michael Kors


Michael Kors uses iconic details. For example, you can find the Michael Kors logo on the items or a recognizable MK print. So everyone will recognize your baby's great clothes. Because of the beautiful designs you will certainly receive many compliments.

Micheal Kors has the most beautiful and cute sets for babies! You have a choice of matching jogging suits or rompers. These are often coordinated, so you have a complete outfit for your little princess. In addition to matching sets, you can also find nice dresses at this brand. These are very cute for a party or a wedding! Complete the outfit with nice tights and shoes from this brand.

History Michael Kors



Michael Kors is the founder of the fashion brand. He grew up in Merrick, a town near Ney York. At a young age he already had a passion for fashion and an eye for detail. At the age of 5, he advised his mother to remove the bows from her wedding dress for her second marriage. She also followed this advice and removed the bows from her wedding dress. Dawn Mello noticed the talents of Michael Kors. Dawn encouraged Michael to design his own collection. Dawn also indicated if one day it really comes that far that Michael should contact Dawn. In 1981 Michael Kors officially launched his first collection and in 1984 he held his first catwalk show.

Michael Kors has been a success from the start. The chic, luxurious and sporty items were picked up very well. He built a reputation that understands people and should feel good in the clothes they wear. Comfortable is therefore also a very important point of attention in the collections.

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