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1. Proclaimer for

Coccinelle Online BV (Chamber of Commerce: 62852248) Hereby grants you access to: (“the Website”) and invites you to purchase the information and services we offer.

website Superstellar may change the content or remove parts of this website at any time. We will not always make a specific announcement about this to you as a visitor.

2. Limited Liability

Superstellar works hard to update and/or supplement the content of the Website as often as possible. Despite this care and attention, it is possible that content is incomplete and/or incorrect. If you come across an inaccuracy, please let us know via

Superstellar guarantees the reliability and quality of the products sold on If a product does not meet expectations, for example due to rapid wear, defects, etc., please contact us via or on +31 (0)10 413 69 40. After assessment of the product by Superstellar and the manufacturer, it will be decided whether the item will be repaired, replaced or whether the order will be canceled. This warranty only applies to items that have been worn and washed in a normal, frequent manner. Some items contain very delicate fabrics or materials for which we cannot provide a guarantee. These include zippers, studded soles, rhinestones and/or sequins, fur and delicate leathers. The warranty applies without prejudice to the statutory rights of the consumer.

3. Copyright
The rights belong to Superstellar
All intellectual property rights relating to the materials on the Website belong to Superstellar.

You can use a work by Superstellar, but only under the following conditions:

Copying, distribution and any other use of these materials is only permitted with the express permission of Superstellar.
This does not apply to mandatory law regulations such as the right to quote. This is your right to quote our materials appropriately, including citing the source.

4. Other

This proclaimer may change, Superstellar will make an announcement about this on the website whenever possible.

To ask
Superstellar is always open to all your questions. If you have a general question or a question about this proclaimer, please contact us at:

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